Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 mini review

11-6-2020, rewritten 22-9-2021













I am dead serious: I could hardly believe what I saw when I tried this tiny binocular - so I will depart from my usual methodology: I did not compare it to any competitor in its class and only played around with it for a couple of hours! I bought it for a friend and had to hand it to him after quality control.

This is a truly great sample of glass and that´s self-evident.

Then I bought another one for another friend, and it was just as good.

I might well happen that I buy a third one and keep it.

The contrast, the brightness, the colour intensity of the images blew me away. Ease of view felt great for a 25mm exit pupil even in the subdued indoor light and the Victory might even beat the Leica Ultravid 8x32 in that respect. Zeiss claims eye relief is a generous 16.5mm. Mechanically everything is fine, too. 290g folding into a tiny, pocketable package. Well, no need to fold it really, it´s so small. Ergonomy due to the asymmetric one hinge design is way better than in the competitors from Leica and Swarovski with their two hinge designs. With a small exit pupil especially you will be constantly adjusting the glass to get optimal interpupillary distance and hit your eyes´ irises exactly. Two hinges will be much more fiddly.

The only drawback I saw was the strong flaring in backlight, but a shielding hand can help with that most of the time.

Price-performance ratio is superb (EUR 575, and we had just missed another EUR 50 cashback from Zeiss...).

This is the glass which I recommend to anyone who is short of money but wants premium quality. Or just wants a really small glass.





The intense magenta coatings made my heart sink at first... but colour reproduction seemed extremely nice and neutral to me, and I am paranoid about that.











The Leica UV 8x32 is 2.5x, the Zeiss SF 8x32 4x more expensive than a Victory Pocket 8x25...